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Farm Recording By Farmers

When I first started to try to keep decent farm records, I looked around online and there were no real solutions avaliable, so I decided to learn a programming language and started building the AgIT Recorder from the ground up. I included all the things that I thought were important for both my self as someone who then had management aspirations, and the people who needed that information ie: employers. About 6 months later I had a prototype which I put into action on the farm. I soon realised that we all have different ideas on what is important, so we are always trying to improve our system with the features that you want. Thats why we always love to hear your ideas as clients and potential customers. I believe a recording system should clever, reliable and of course affordable.

James Palmer
Director - AgIT Limited

Adding an Animal Health Remedy

Adding all your animal health remedies makes it easy when it comes to treatment time. Add a drench with the name, container size (volume) add a description if you wish. You will need to put the expiry and withholding period (this has a special power, as you can see above, you will automatically know when you can send your animal to slaughter). Don't worry if you forget something important you will get a message telling you to add or change that data (as you can see below).

We're farmers too, and we know to well how you will likely at some point have more than one container of drench with the same name. This is why we added the empty/not empty option. Once you get on to the next unit just edit the old drench and change it to empty and it wont show up on your remedies list in the treatment section.

Adding Treatments

Once you have added animal health remedies, you can easily select the correct remedy from the drop down list. Add the dose rate etc and your away laughing.

Barely Scraping the Surface

This really is just a touch on the animal health side of what AgIT Recorder can do. So many more features such as:

We're working on a new release as you read this with a whole host of smart features such as showing the latest treatment, tally and last the movements, as well as any up coming treatments on a per mob basis. A 60 day farm forecast as well as a 10 day farm history. An animal health plan builder with a whole range of auto magic features. We would love to hear your ideas. Get in touch

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